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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Christmas Pageants for Little Hoss and Little Bird

This past Christmas brought us TWO pageants to attend… Little Hoss is now in preschool and he had his first pageant.  Little Bird is no longer a rookie with this being her second year.

Little Hoss was up first with his program on a Monday.

It was non-stop cuteness!

Little Bird directed from the audience… and pretended to take notes. 

After the program was over ‘Santa’ came out for the kids to talk to.  They each received a book and a candy cane. 

Then on Wednesday was Little Bird’s program with more songs and carols.  

She did so well!

Then there was an ‘intermission’ for a costume change.  They did a little Nativity story and Little Bird was a Christmas tree.

Likewise at the end of her program, Santa came out.  We were all surprised when she decided to talk to him for the very first time ever.

They both did an excellent job with their pageants!

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