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Sunday, January 5, 2014

1 Leaf Pile + 2 Kids = GR8 Fun!

While we are sitting here waiting for the ‘cold of the decade’ to hit, I’m sorting thru photos from the last few months deleting extras.  Found these from November.
Himself raked up leaves into a huge pile in my parent’s back yard.  Then he hid under them… shaking the pile and ‘growling’ when the kids came up.  (I have a video but I can’t figure out how to do a capture of a single frame.  If anyone knows how – PLEASE let me know!)  Anyway, Little Hoss grabbed the water nozzle extender and was ready to take on the Leaf Monster.  Little Bird grabbed a handful of silk flowers to appease the monster with. 
When he jumped up at them, they charged back and the leaf fight began!
Ol’ Aunt Teri was right in the middle of it having a blast!
Then they turned their attention on Grandpa, Daddy, and Mommy. 
Big J doesn’t like leaves down his collar…
After that, All Star Kiddie Wrestling!!
They really flattened out the leaf pile.
So Hoss worked at getting it raked back up.
Sneak attack on Sissy.
Bull’s eye!!
It was a grand afternoon!

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