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Friday, January 31, 2014

January In The Rear View Mirror

The first month of 2014 was a good start for our year.

First, we made our goal of having the house (less our two ‘offices’) completely decluttered and organized.  Boy did we find a lot of lost items!  Now that is done, I can get back on a regular cleaning cycle without having to work around ‘stuff’.  Also I can start doing some redecorating and some make-over’s. 

February will be the month we focus on our personal rooms… my studio and his study! 

Culinary fun is in full swing, we did three classes at Whole Foods as volunteers.  We love being able to do the classes without the expense, plus get some perks too.  We learn, we eat, we get the leftovers, and we either get points towards taking a class or WF gift cards. 

I haven’t had a bit of time for creative projects.  I’m so looking forward to get my studio finished. 

For travel we made our monthly trip to see the babies, and the kidnapping I wrote about earlier.  I love those kidnappings… hehehe…

January has been a great month…can’t wait to see what February holds!

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