Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Bug Out!

My first car was a VW Bug... just like this one, but with a bad paint job (each fender was a different shade of dark blue).  

I loved that car.  It would go anywhere, you could drive forever between fill-ups, and it was never a problem to find a parking spot.  It's only aggravation was that when it was very hot out, the darn thing would vapor lock and you'd be sitting along side the road until it cooled off.

I always wanted to get a cool paint job... this would have been fantastic!  (Actually, one of the fenders was kinda iridescent blue...).

Now this Bug has it all!  It's a Bug... It's a convertible...  It's a truck.  It's a Woody!

Does it get any better?

LOVE this photo!

Lack of space?

Not a problem... this dude packs better than me!

Uh... wow...

Can you imagine driving behind that?

A lace Bug.

Very girly.

Another take on a 'Woody'.  Each of those pieces are made of wood.

Bugs are quite versatile too.

Very versatile...

Yep... VW Bugs just keep rocking along.


(All these fantastic photos came from Pinterest.)

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