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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Southern Lefsa

Before we left on our trip up North, we tried our hand at making a batch of lefsa.  After all, we'd bought all the equipment to use... let's use it!

It is a two day process.  First day is the ricing of the boiled potatoes.  Then they have to sit in the fridge overnight.

Next day Himself added the other ingredients and formed them up into equal size balls.

Then he smoothed them out for rolling.  At this point they went back into the refrigerator to keep chilled until it was time to be rolled out.  That way they wouldn't stick.

Rolling pin and boarded floured up and ready to go.

Getting started.

And almost done.

Then it was my turn.  You use 'the stick' to get the ever so thin dough off the rolling board and over to the griddle.  Then you have to flip-roll it on.  You have one chance to do it right...

This is what 'right' looks like.

That is not my first attempt.  

And here is a lefsa ready to come off the griddle.

You slide The Stick under and lift...

...ever so carefully lest it fall off.  Which is not a good thing.

Carefully roll it out onto a dish cloth.

See how thin it is?  That is perfect.

A yummy stack of goodness.  Just butter and munch!

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