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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Under The Christmas Tree

We're back from our Christmas trip to MO.  It's always so much fun to watch the babies (OK... kids) with their new toys.  This year Sis and Big J bought each a large item for a main present and used the accessories for smaller gifts.  Brilliant!

They were thrilled with the doll house and train table.

That should keep those little hands busy for a long while!

(She's sporting her first 'pump knot'.  She ran into a light pole when she was running around not paying attention to big metal things in front of her.)

I think our budding decorator with be rearranging furniture endlessly.

Then it was time to open presents from Auntie and Unca...

Little Bird got her first 'credit card'... one of those Visa gift card things.  The grand thing about it is that it can be used at any store.  We weren't sure what to get her and she loves to shop.  She was thrilled.  

Little Hoss wanted Legos so we got him the Duplo block variety.  The storage container is SO cute!

All too soon... for them... it was over.

Then it was time to PLAY!

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