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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Let The Christmas Festivities Begin!

Yesterday was such a fun day, the official 'start' to the Christmas fun.

We started the day with a shopping trip to Walmart.

What?  You don't think that sounds like much fun?

It is when you are shopping for someone else!  The church we attended before moving out to The Sticks hosts a Christmas party each year at a small "not so affluent" nursing home.  Folks make gift bags for a resident and they are given out at the party.  It was so much fun.

This year we got to do a bag again!  (Remember the wee 'Fairy Princess'?  Her grandma now is in charge of the party.)  We chose to do a bag for a man since I remember they were the ones hardest to get sponsored.

After our shopping trip we drove out to my friend's house to drop off the bag.  Since we had just bought everything, I put the bag together using the hood of my car as my worktable!

I hope he likes everything!
(BTW... "George" is a package of handkerchiefs!  LOL)

After dropping off the bag, we headed over to Trenton, KY for their Christmas parade.  On our way, we went by the Amish tack shop where I used to get things when I had my May.  They were having a benefit bake sale AND a customer appreciation day... for which they were giving free bowls of stew.

Of course we got some!  We're not silly!

Oh my goodness, it was wonderful.

Then it was on to Trenton where we met back up with our friends.  It's a lovely little town and we enjoyed looking at the decorations.

Many of the shops were having Open House.  This quilt shop was handing out treats of hot cider and cookies.  Notice 'someone' looking out the bottom of the right window?

Isn't she cute?  She wanted a cookie SO bad!

We commandeered another friend's home!  Himself brought their rockers down for comfy seating.    LOL  Hey Masha and Doc... we missed you!!!  Thanks for the hospitality!

(Don't you just love their house??)

The wee Fairy Princess was sporting her new "Anna" cap.

She and her mama headed down to the street for some serious candy catching.

When you're the only kid in that particular area, the candy is plentiful!  (Ya gotta have thrown candy at a Christmas parade!)

I love small town parades.

The floats are so fun.

But not commercial at all.

It looks like Olaf was happy to see 'Anna'!  LOL

Two mules and a horse.  It's just not a parade without horses!

Even it they are little bitty horses!

Yep... dogs count too!

In a small town parade everyone can get in on the fun.

And the floats are fun for everyone.

(Love this hay bale 'Bremen Town Musicians!)

Then it was all over.  The Princess checked out her royal bounty, then shared with all.  I came home with the chewy candy and Himself came home with the bubble gum and chocolate with nuts.  Princess kept the regular chocolate and the suckers.

Thank you for sharing!

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  1. How fun is that! I especially liked the float with the horse, sheep, dog and cat! People had to use their imaginations on those floats! Sounds like you had a fun and productive day. I'm sure your gift recipient will deeply appreciate his bag of goodies.


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