Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Cupcakes and the Princess

Shortly before Christmas we were graced by a visit from the wee Fairy Princess and her ladies in waiting (that would be her Grandma K and Mama H).  She is always so incredibly good when she visits that we decided to do something that would be fun for her too.

Himself whipped up a batch of homemade chocolate cupcakes and I got a supply of frostings and sprinkles.

The wee Princess loved it.  She is a champion sprinkler and frosting tester.

We all worked away at decorating the cupcakes.  We put a cookie sheet down for the Princess's work area.  That kept the frosting, sprinkles, and crumbs contained...mostly.  LOL

And Princess tested more frosting.

I tried swirling two of the frostings together.  It didn't work so good!

Still testing...

And here's our end product that she took home to her daddy.  Plus all the laughter that went along.

Fun times!

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