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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Nashville Lawn and Garden Show 2015

Earlier in the month Himself and I made our annual visit to the Nashville Lawn and Garden show.  It was SO needed... only a few days earlier (opening day for them!) it had snowed 7 inches and we were once again trapped on our hill.

This year wasn't as interesting as other years, there were quite a few less garden displays and those there weren't as intricate.  One large section of the building was devoted to a 'wine party' with TN vineyards touting their wines.  Why?  

But there were still cool things to look at...

We both love this millstone fountain.

And what a fun idea of scattering in colored glass into a rock garden to make it a "pond".  I'll be using this idea.

A variation of a pergola.  And isn't that chair beautiful?

There were several small planting areas that I'm going to do my spin on in the yard.

Purple!  I want purple in my garden too.

My favorite shabby chic designer was back.  This year they featured the concrete 'fabric' drape planters.  It's an idea that seems easy enough.  I might give it a try.

So fun!

Several of the floral designers made fairy gardens.

Such cute little dish gardens!

Another favorite: the formal floral arrangements.

They are always so lovely.

Then we moved on to the commercial area.  A lot of the same stuff as in years past.

However, these painted stones made us smile...

Too cute!

Wouldn't this be fun covered in moss?

Himself waiting patiently while I shop.  

Ah Spring... I'm so glad you are back!

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  1. I haven't been to a home and garden show in ages. So much inspiration everywhere. Love that millstone fountain.


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