Sunday, March 22, 2015

Ohhhhh No Way!!

Have you ever seen a photo of yourself and thought "Oh my goodness!"... and NOT in a good way?

Friday Himself and I went out to mail some things, then we headed down to a recreational area along the river for a walk.  Himself took the little camera I keep in my purse and started snapping photos of me as I walked along the beach area.

When I downloaded them I was shocked.

WHO was that frump in the picture??  (Nope... not showing those pics...)

Saggy baggy clothes, no make-up and hair that could use a washing just to get it to fluff up.


Yesterday morning I was up bright and early to rip into my closet and dresser before we went into town to meet someone.  Right along the route is the Goodwill store and I fully planned to make a drop off!

This drawer had been crammed full.  Be gone dark and baggy!  I haven't lost all this weight to not show off my new form.  Most of the drawers looked like this when I was finished.

Then it was time for the closet...

Another armload of things cleared out.  I had a garbage bag full by the time we needed to leave.

When we got home I started back on the decluttering.  

My shoes that are left (actually, I ditched one more pair after I took this photo).

My dress shoes are in plastic shoe boxes with photos so I can remember what's in them.  

Also went through purses, bags, belts... well, about everything I own.  There is another trash bag sitting at the foot of the bed!

Still need to get the jewelry done.  That will be a good job for today.

Plus by the end of the month I'll be sporting a new hair cut and it is definitely time for a mani-pedi!

I never want to see that frumpy old woman again!!!


  1. Good for you, Teri! You might like to check out this blog: Her daily style is a bit too dressy for me (I think it's the high heels she always wears), but she also lost weight and wanted to look more stylish.

  2. Way to go! Now you can get yourself the clothes you deserve. (Maybe check out the selection at Goodwill?)

    1. Actually, I have a bunch of clothes waiting for me to get 'back down' so I can wear them. First tub is getting pulled out this week!

      But some of the things I am shrinking out of are favorites. (whine!!!)

  3. This is awesome!!! Good for you. Wish I could find the same motivation....

  4. Oh gosh, I hear you!!! I have been losing weight and I told David....when I get down to my goal (and even before), I'll have to give away all those nice clothes I bought. I LOVE them....but, I am just going to wear them until they get way too baggy and then I will give them to someone :-(
    He said "just go buy some new clothes when the time comes".
    Good for you in getting rid of so much stuff!! Gosh, I wish I had that many


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