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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Our Princess And The Pea

Little Bird has been in another High School play!  This year she opened the play "Once Upon a Mattress" as the young princess during the song "Many Moons Ago".

Unfortunately my dumb camera couldn't deal with the bright spot light against the black curtains... every photo was burned out except the one below...and it happened as Little Bird was looking down being "delicate".

For a princess is a delicate thing,
delicate and dainty as a dragonfly's wing.
You can recognize a lady by her elegant air
but a genuine princess is exceedingly rare.

Relaxing before her performance in her "Princess dress".

Right before intermission, they fired a confetti gun from the stage... right at us!  As soon as the lights came up, Bird was down gathering up the confetti as fast as she could.  She filled my camera case with the little pieces of paper.

I see a fun Christmas ornament project for our next visit!

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