Friday, March 27, 2015

Strong as a Daffodil

Last summer I had my fill of dealing with weeds around this tree.  It was a mess, to say the least.  So we did a 'bust all of them' approach.  I covered the entire area with heavy duty ground cover.  My daffodils had already died back completely so I wasn't worried much about them.

That is until a couple weeks ago it dawned on my that the daffodils were up all over the area (tho none were blooming yet).  Oh no!

I pulled and dug to get the mulch and ground cover off them.  Poor things were flat as paper and absolutely yellow.

What a difference 24 hours made!  Everyone was standing upright...sort of.

And here is the next day... starting to turn green and there are buds!

Two more days.

And now... they will be blooming any time.

Isn't nature amazing?

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