Thursday, August 3, 2017


Hello!  I'm back from my summer 'stay-cation'.  It felt kind of weird not writing for 6 weeks, but kind of good too.  Having my computer in the shop for a month enforced the break.  

(Note... I was having issues with my laptop freezing up on me or just flat out shutting down.  Ended up being that is was "all clogged up" - ie filthy dusty inside.  Ugh.  And I surface clean it regularly!  I suggest you take your computer into the shop and have it cleaned professionally every year.  I could have lost everything because of that.)

I used my time to do things I wanted to do, like finally... finally getting my creative studio a KonMari purge.  Yes, that's right - it is completely sorted and organized.  ALL storage boxes have been gone thru.  It is amazing!!

With everything so well put away, I decided to finish the deal.  So this month I am decorating the room.  You don't get to see it until I'm done making it pretty!  😄

Other projects have been cooking up a lot of new recipes and doing creative projects both for myself and to swap.  And of course I'll be blogging all about it!

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  1. Glad to see you back :-) You picked a good time of the year to do indoor projects.


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