Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Instant Cardio Workout... (Guest Post by Himself)


Ever get ‘spooked’ about something?   It just happened to me...

First, I’m the type who – if I take off my glasses – needs Teri’s to help me locate where I put them because I can’t see well enough to FIND them.   Next, with my glasses off, if I see something (or reach for it because I thought it was something else) and then it turns out to be something potentially dangerous, I ‘get spooked’ and am all hyper for a few minutes.  (Imagine seeing a foot-long piece of dark yarn on the floor and reaching for it, but as your hand gets close to moves.)

Well, something like that happened...

I was about to take a shower and had already set my glasses down.  I turned on the water spigot down below and, once it got warm, I reached above to turn on the overhead part.  I then started stepping into the tub.  But as I was stepping in, I saw movement near the drain.  


A wolf spider...

He didn’t move until he was getting wet AS I was stepping in.  He had been straddling across the drain so, without my glasses, I didn’t see him.


And he’s big – here he is in the large pitcher we keep birds in who knock themselves silly after hitting the window.  That is a dime down below to show you the size.   After Teri flicked him into this pitcher, she had to shake it to keep him from running up the side before she got the lid on.  You could hear his feet skittling along the sides trying to get out.   

Lots of footsteps...

Kinda colorful up close though with his reddish/brownish colors. 

By the way, I have been told that they have a very painful bite.  Which brings up an incident of just months ago:  While downstairs sorting thru stuff, I got up from my chair and ‘felt something’ brush my outer leg that had been ‘just inside’ my blue-jean shorts. 

It was right there where I am pointing – a wolf spider clinging to the inside of my pants leg.   Because my pants are so loose, I didn’t feel him.......until I stood up.   As I stood up, I felt him ‘slip out’ against my thigh and fall – (seeing this out of the corner of my eye as I just happened to be looking down) and I then heard a small ‘thunk’ as he hit the carpet.   Attempting to skittled away I grabbed a glass jar and scooped him up to be tossed outside later after I finished playing with him.   Only half the size of the wolf spider in the tub, still, his bite would have been painful.

But back to the bathtub spider...

We have no idea where he came from or how he got in the bathroom.   Man.....after we got him out of the shower, I searched every INCH of the shower curtains and other places in the bathroom – including under the toilet seat!   😓   I was now hyper! 


(PS – By the way, That Woman – as a child – would catch and keep wolf spiders as pets.  It was the one spider that didn’t seem to bother her.  She’d keep them in a terrarium and would catch bugs for them to eat.   She wasn’t allowed to get a tarantula so a wolf spider was the next best thing.    Only Teri...)

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