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Friday, August 11, 2017

Movie Date

Towns all over the US are revitalizing their vintage movie theaters and using them once again to show movies.

Some show vintage movies (like Casa Blanca or Gone With The Wind).  Some play foreign films (like The Music of Strangers or Our Little Sister).  Other have 'modern classics' (such as Close Encounters of the Third Kind or Saving Private Ryan).  And there are ones with family movies (such as National Velvet or Toy Story).

Many do a mix of genres.

The Roxy is doing a mix modern classics and family, alternating every other Sunday.

It's a great old theater and is also used for stage productions.

Team Red, White, & Blue took a block of tickets for one of the family showings.

Waiting for the show to start.  We were right at the end of our Whole30 program... so no refreshments for us.  Smelling that hot buttered popcorn was killer.  Box candy, popcorn, and sodas are all $1 each.

While I couldn't have any sweets... I had my Sweetie.  That was more than good enough!

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