Saturday, May 26, 2018

Churchill Downs "Barns and Backside Tour"

In my first post about our visit to Churchill Downs you might have noticed a pink hue to the sky.

That's because we were there at 6:45AM.  That is because 7AM is the first scheduled "Barns and Backside Tour" and that is when you see the most action.  Horse people are up EARLY!

Our guide for the morning was Martin, who at 79 years young said he came in 2 or 3 times a week because he had to have SOMETHING to do.  I'm glad for that attitude because he was one of the best guides we have ever had.

Off we go in our nice air conditioned van.

Heading through the tunnel to get onto the other side of the track.  Can you see the horse galloping across at the top of the photo?

(Sorry about the less-than-sharp photos... the van windows were filthy.  My only complaint about the tour.  I told Himself that from now on when we have a tour, I'm going to have a small spray bottle of water and a rag to spruce up my windows!)

The track's chapel.

The dining area for the folks who work on the backside.

The one thing you never want to see...

This barn is for the track's "ponies"... those horses who walk out with the Thoroughbreds to the starting gate.

Waiting on breakfast!

He thinks that is his very own toy.  Wouldn't he be shocked if he knocked it down?!

And then we were over at The Barns where the Thoroughbreds are...

Everyone going about their morning routines.

There were a lot of baths happening.

And there were a lot of steamy things...

Getting ready to exercise someone.

Don't text and ride!

More scrubbing.

Getting some special treat.  Notice the barn cat in the background?

Next stop was the highlight of my visit...

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