Monday, May 14, 2018

EHC Arts and Crafts Prize Winners

I'm just back from the Extension Homemakers yearly state meeting Louisville, KY where I was a county representative.  Himself came along for the outing as I was going to be gone 3 days.

The cultural arts contest was the most interesting part of the 3 days.  I'll share my favorites with you...

An old pastry blender became a handle for this basket.

And a potato masher a handle for this one.

Love the weave on this one but I wonder how stable it it.

Three lovely baskets.  That large painted weaver is different!

Very pretty.

Beautiful quilts.

This one caught my eye.

Hooked wool wall hangings.

This lovely was entered in the rug category!  It was stunning.  I certainly wouldn't let anyone step on it if it were mine.


Crewel work embroidery.  The fuzzy thistles make it a stand out.

A cross stitch sampler with tiny stitches done on antique linen.  The work is amazing.

Two counted cross stitch pieces.

Colored pencil.

Pen & ink with oil rough in.

Another pen & ink drawing.

A gourd with a stitch in it to look like an old baseball.

Scrimshaw on slate.

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