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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The Hawk's Eyrie Airbnb in Louisville, KY

Once I found out I was heading to Louisville, I started working on the arrangements.  As a delegate, there was an expense allotment and I planned on making it count.  Checking the convention hotel I about fell over when I found out a room was $169!  For a room that didn't even have a microwave and mini fridge.

No... no... no.

I decided to check out Airbnb.  I'd never used the company before so it was a bit of an adventure getting it all set up.  Once done, I started pulling up places near the convention center.  I was amazed to find that we could rent an entire apartment for half of the cost of the hotel room.  


I selected "Hawk's Eyrie".  The entire upstairs is the Airbnb apartment.  It was about 10 minutes from the convention center and you didn't have to get on a freeway.

It is a very cozy home.

Walking into the door of our apartment, we were delighted.

The living room.

Our spacious kitchen.

And our huge bedroom with two beds.

A second bedroom under the eaves with a twin bed.

And the bathroom.

All details were seen to: snacks, juice in the fridge, hundreds (seriously) of DVDs to pick thru, games, and so on.

Our hosts were very nice people.  We only met with them for a little bit but it was a nice visit.

Any future trips to Louisville will see us back at the Hawk's Eyrie!

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