Sunday, May 20, 2018

Churchill Downs: Home of the Kentucky Derby

The next morning after our meeting, instead of heading straight home we decided to have a bit of fun.

We were at the front gate of Churchill Downs at 6:45am for a tour ~ which I'll tell you about later.  But first I want to show you the incredible grounds of Churchill Downs.

The burial place of the great Barbaro.

What a beautiful statue.

There they are... the famous 'twin spires'.   Only 5 days earlier those stands (and the infield) were packed with over 157,000 spectators for the Kentucky Derby!

Part of the admission to the Kentucky Derby Museum is a guided walking tour along the front of the stands.  Definitely make time to do this!

Someday I want to be sitting up in those stands!

With a few trips down here too...

See that top area with the gold rail (as opposed to the green on the other levels)?

That is known as "Millionaires Row".  For a mere $4500.00 per person, you can have one the most perfect seats in the house.  With that you also get a VIP pass to get in quicker, a Derby swag bag, all the drinks you want (soft or hard), several buffets, private betting stations, and big screen TVs to see it better.

Here's the view.  The white pole is the finish line and the two story tower is where the winner gets his blanket of roses.

All around the lower stands are the names of the winners of previous Derbys.

Himself's birth year.

And my birth year.

As I said, just 5 days earlier Justify
 came running (or perhaps swimming) down the track to win the Kentucky Derby.  They still weren't done cleaning up and Himself picked of these losing tickets from the other race of the day.

Behind the stands is the paddock where the horses are saddled.

And the famous clock that tells when it is time for rider's up!

Back over to the track... on the outside rail and looking towards the finish line.

Mud from Derby Day!

The winner's circle: 2018 Justify stood here.

Also found this... I wonder what all his notes were about...

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