Friday, May 18, 2018

Vietnam Kitchen in Louisville, KY

One of the fun things about staying at The Hawk's Eyrie was the culturally diverse neighborhood it is located near.  What makes it fun is the grocery stores and restaurants.  There were at least 5 Vietnamese restaurants within a mile and a half.

We decided to try Vietnamese Kitchen, only a half mile away.

It was a great choice!

Other than pho, I've never had the opportunity to try Vietnamese cuisine.  These two waiters were asked a lot of questions on how to eat this and that.

So much fun!

The restaurant does a brisk business.

This kind of tickled me... I've never seen a chop sticks dispenser.  And they were the GOOD chop sticks too.

Here's our meal:

(Our favorite appetizer) 


Again, when we go back to Louisville this will be one of our meal stops.

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