Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Movie Review: RED

While my Dad was down we saw a second movie – “RED”. We had seen the trailers before the start of “Secretariat” and thought it looked like an entertaining, ‘mindless’ movie.

The movie boils down to an “old retired dogs” CIA team is forced to get together for one more gig… to save their own hides and the United States.

The cast certainly was fantastic –John Malcovich, Morgan Freeman, Bruce Willis and Helen Mirren.  Bruce Willis is of course, the action hero champ and carries it well.  Morgan Freeman and Helen Mirren add a classy finesse with unexpected twists to the team.  And John Malcovich landed the sweetest roll as the paranoid but most of the time right kook… played to scene-stealing perfection.

If you like the ‘action’ film genre, especially if you’re 45 and older, I think you’ll get a kick out of this one.  Lots of chases and explosions (I commented to Dad on the way out that I’d love to have the cash they spent on the pyrotechnics on this movie). 

Be aware… it is an “action” movie with all that implies.

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  1. This is one Chad and I wanted to see also. So, I guess that means wait for the rental? We dont get out for many movies for us, we tend to get to watch the children's flicks. Good for now.. thanks.


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