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Friday, October 29, 2010

Photo Challenge: Architectural elements



or new,

they reach to the sky.

Bells call the faithful,

ringing through hills and town.

A landmark to guide,

the angels keep watch,

their Light house is dear. 

Photos shot on location in:

Cartagena, Columbia
Nairobi, Kenya
Budapest, Hungary
Celaya, Mexico
Guanajuato, Mexico
Granada, Nicaragua
Debre Zeit, Ethiopia
Celaya, Mexico

Post in response to the photo challenge at Razmataz 


  1. A great approach to the challenge.


  2. Great selection! I love that they're all churches. The red-domed one reminds exactly of Soledad in Huaraz, Peru. Our mountain guides (who let us wander for a few days) told us that if we got lost in town to just walk uphill, and head toward Soledad! We always found our way back to our hostel nearby :)

  3. I really like the way you chose one architechtural feature and showed how it is so different in different parts of the world as well as in different times in the world. Ann

  4. a wonderful, quick, whip around the world...just lovely.

  5. I like the ancient one and the dome one in the distance. You travel a lot!

  6. Never expected to see something like this in a place like Ethiopia.

  7. Great shots! I love a good steeple, that's for sure. These are all beautiful by that first one, aaaaaaahhhhhhhh.

  8. Very nice collection of shots, Teri :-)

    Aren't houses of worship just the most visually stirring things? It's funny that now in this age of technological miracles, they seemed to have moved more towards simplistic design. I always like to think back to times past, when we weren't quite as used to stirring imagery. Where magnificent sights weren't just a click away at any moment, or the TV couldn't show us beautiful lands all over.

    Walking up to one of those, seeing the grandeur of the structure, the beauty of it...well, I can completely understand why it put people in mind of the divine :-)

  9. Aren't they just lovely? Kit

  10. I hope we continue to build incredible buildings worth photographing. When I see these gorgeous shots, I fear not having worthy buildings built.

    Most interesting photos. Suprised by the Niarobi one. I was born there. My favourite is the first primitive one.

  11. If there was a prize, I'm sure you had it all sewed up with those! ~Lili


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