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Friday, December 24, 2010

"And Lo, The Star Stopped..."

Most of our Christmas decorations are nativities.  There is at least one in each room of the house and I am going to make one (at least) to have outside too!
Some of our nativities are from other countries.  I try to find one each place we travel.  Sometimes it isn't easy.


The heads and hands are carved from ebony.  The rest is from one piece of acacia wood.



This one is hand made from old Christmas cards and scraps.


Made from wire and banana leaves.


Some of our nativities were gifts.

This one is from my sister.

This one Himself gave to me a couple years ago.  It's hand carved.

Himself also surprised me with this Bethlehem village.

A close up of the stable.

Best Friend gave us this darling music box nativity.

Our first Christmas nativity.  We were broke and moving over Christmas, so we got this tiny plastic nativity we could carry with us.  It's about 2.5 inches high.  It's 29 years old this Christmas.

This lighted Madonna gives of a soft glow in the kitchen.

Another kitchen nativity.

Love this one.

This is carved from a piece of olive from Israel.  Haven't been there (yet).

Christmas is all about telling The Story.


  1. What a beautiful and meaningful collection. Isn't it amazing how even when it is just three figures we know exactly what is being depicted? Merry Christmas!

  2. What an awesome collection! Thanks for sharing.

  3. The lighted madonna and all the angelic ones are awesome. You have such an amazing collection and that's so special that you have the tiny plastic one from your very first Christmas. ~Lili


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