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Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Walk Outside

Recently we had a break in the cold weather and took advantage of the nice day to walk down to the lake near our house.  (Recently Himself was given permission to walk on Mr. M’s property.)  We were dog-sitting Best Friend’s rat terrier Sasha, who enjoyed the outing too.

The trail is on the narrow piece of property between our house and the river. It used to be a railroad track but was decommissioned years ago and purchased by Mr. M.

It is a perfect place to take a nice walk.

For a while I had a little hitchhiker but she quickly wanted to run around.  (Himself took this photo).

There is a rock cut along the pathway.  This rock has such an unusual pattern that if it is moveable; we are going to ask Mr. M if we can have it.

One the river side, huge grapevines climb up the sycamore trees.  There are also several patches of wild cane. 

After about a half mile walk we were at the lake. 

Someone left this old canoe and it floats around wherever the wind pushes it.  I don’t know why it doesn’t fill up with rain and sink.

The lake was perfectly still.  The reflections were incredible.  Except for the tuft of lakeside grass I put in the bottom right corner, you can’t tell this is the reflection and not the image.

I thought this was pretty cool.  A tree had broken off and the remaining branch became the new trunk.  This is the exact same thing we do with our bonsai!

These little dried flowers look like snowflakes.  Which was a foreshadowing of a few days day later…

Sasha wasn’t quite so happy with this walk!!!

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  1. Beautiful place to walk! Poor little Sasha needs some longer legs. Bumble knows how she feels. Ha.


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