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Friday, December 31, 2010

My Year in Review

In 2010 I made goals instead of resolutions. And each new goal was started in a different month. My thought on this was to give myself time to create a new habit with the stress of having a whole long list to work thru all at once.

This is how I did with those goals…

To get my home decluttered: this battle was fought for the entire year. I’m still fighting it. It’s been sadly amazing to discover just how much junk/stuff/clutter we had. It was a bit overwhelming at times. But I am very pleased to say that I have made great progress, I still have a good attitude wanting to keep after it and I plan on completing the goal in this next year.

To improve my physical appearance: Some areas I did great and in others… not so good. The goal to dress better was a smashing success. I updated my wardrobe and now only rarely will wear a plain ol’ T shirt out of the house. And I wear accessories regularly now. It really helped when I found ways to store them that made them visible and easy to get to. I decided make-up was more for ‘dressy’ times than every day as I don’t like the way it feels on my skin – even after trying several options. Weight… that is on the not so good side. Didn’t change from where I started. I “fell off the wagon” and didn’t have the wherewithal to have another go at it. I’ve got to get much more serious about it.

To get my papers organized: This fell in with the decluttering work. I found “paper” in almost every box I went thru! I’ve done a lot of culling but still have quite a bit more to do. I’ve been working on organization methods and that has been a help. This has been the most overwhelming part of my clutter-busting.

To clean up and organize my shed: Family commitments switched this from a spring chore to an autumn one. Then more family commitments in the fall pushed it back even farther. So it’s back on the list for this coming year.

To bring curb appeal to my home: The long, HOT summer really did a number on this goal. Those family commitments caused me to start later in the season too, so a lot did not get done. But I did make improvements – porch, bonsai area, bird garden, shed front, patio… so I am fairly happy. I’ll start earlier next year… like in March!

To become a better steward of my resources: That is coming along well. Energy saving practices and devises are becoming part of our routine. I am much more aware.

To understand myself and my purpose in life: This one overall gave me more to think about than all the others. It was hard, at times it was painful and it was good.

To incorporate my photography into my life more: Coming along nicely. I’ve started with my sorting of the 500 bazillion photos both on my computer and hard copies. I’ll be able to start making prints of exhibition/sales quality photos soon. And I will get the frames sorted thru soon too.

To make a gracious and welcoming home: Coming along well too. The updated guest room is a hit, the many suggestions I received on ideas for making it more welcoming were so nice.

I’m pleased with my year and what I have accomplished in it. I’m looking forward to what I’ll get done in 2011!


  1. I've been a way for a while, so I'm just now getting around to visiting, and yours is one of the first, neighbor!
    Resolutions? I never even made any last year - because I NEVER keep them. This year? Oh yeah, I'm making some - I'll be blogging hopefully next week about the reason.
    By the way, your babies are adorable in their Christmas pictures, and I guess you know we had a white Christmas here, too?
    Happy New Year!

  2. Based on what I have seen from reading your blog, I think you really did a tremendous job on your goals Teri. There are only so many hours in the day and sometimes I marvel at how much you are able to actually achieve. You have great energy and I wish you continued success! ~Lili


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