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Friday, December 3, 2010

Which is True?

Behold… The Tomato.  Don’t they look lovely on the counter?  Ripe, juicy, red. 

It’s even pretty when you back up.  Three beautiful pears are the perfect companions. 

Still gorgeous when you move to the right a bit.  The light is just right, the shadows fall mysteriously.   What’s in the basket?  Let’s back up some more…

OPPS!!! A little too far!!! Where did that mess come from??

People’s lives are like the vignettes that are so popular in Blogland. Indeed there are beautiful parts but there are also the messes that come with being human. The question is: Is the vignette of our room – or our life – the truth, or a work of fiction?


What is more true? That which we wish to be or that circumstance we find ourselves in?

The photo challenge at Razmataz this week is “vignettes: what do you think?”.


  1. You proved the point perfectly I think. Your pear/tomato image is very good.

  2. Teri - I think all of us want to put our best sides up which is good. But isn't it wonderful when we can love each other just as we are!

  3. Heehee that's why I like the crop feature! But it's not THAT messy. Very interesting points between our life vignettes and our room ones. ~Lili

  4. Sometimes we can only see the 'mess' when we stand back. Often circumstance help us to stand back and see better. Then we can become what we wish to be.
    Like the tomato and pears together, so shine it is.

  5. Perfectly illustrated and explained. You followed the challenge to the "T". Ann. I didn't I'm afraid...

  6. You really proved the point. The good thing is I think bloggers like the real stuff too, and they don't care what someones house looks like. At first we may read a blog because of the lovley pictures, then after a while it becomes a human interest thing, We get to know the person and follow because they capture us in some way.

    Thank you for participating this week.

  7. Great challenge response... If someone's house is ALWAYS perfect, I back up and take a longer look at the person... AS I tell everyone. I am "tidy" most of the time but never super clean....there is a difference...




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