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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Moments

Seems most photos at Christmas are snapshots... wonderful family snapshots.  This year I caught a few photos that I really liked, that I thought were better than a quick snap.

This was Little Bird's first snow.  I like this shot as her parka frames her face.  She really didn't know what to think of all this cold white stuff.

Little Hoss during Christmas Eve dinner.  Everything was right in his world and he was just HAPPY.

A peaceful creek in the snow.  This is a place I used to play as a child and I enjoyed seeing it like this.

Another area of the creek.  The snow was melting a bit, creating drips in the otherwise still water.

Cozy.  Just cozy...


  1. Definitely cozy! I love your creek shots .. it made me feel all peace-filled since we have on right over our hill down the road, I didn't go capture any photos (wish I had now) but glad you have some to share!

  2. The snow is gorgeous. I especially love the house shot. I can't wait to get some snow around here.

  3. I want to come stay until it melts. Just beautiful!

  4. The kiddos are darling Teri. And those snowy creek scenes are pure serenity! Lovely. ~Lili

  5. I love that you caught one of the drops on the still creek! So cool!


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