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Monday, December 6, 2010

Ice Fog

Winter has come.  Living next to the river, the cold morning temperatures combine with the moisture from the river to create beautiful ice fog.

The fog becomes frost where it finds a place to cling.  It’s so delicate just breathing on it causes it to melt.

Everything is in silhouette.  There is no sound, no breeze.  Just silence.

The sun shines weakly at first, the fog too thick to penetrate.  It’s early morning and the angle makes the light a soft yellow.

As the sun rises and strengthens, the yellow becomes more intense until suddenly it shifts back to ‘normal’ as the fog thins.


  1. I'd not heard the term "ice fog" before. Thanks for educating me.

    Great pictures!

  2. Teri, beautiful photos! I love the one on the chopped wood with the glistening ice, also the fall colored leaves. Those are postcard worthy! :)

  3. How beautiful that ice fog is. I have never seen it before. We get sea smoke here over the water, when the cold air hits over the warmer water in the fall or late summer. I'll have to see if I notice any ice fog here, although right now there's way too much snow on the ground! ~Lili


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