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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Damage Control

While we were in Missouri for Easter, our home was hit by a series of storms.  LOTS of rain and wind.

Our rain gauge topped out at 11.5 inches. The weather service rain gauge site showed an observer near us measured around 15 inches over a three day period.

And we had consequences from it. For the first time, we had leakage in our basement. In the finished part… of course. Looks like my hobby room remodel just got shoved to the top of the list as we make the necessary repairs to prevent this from happening again.

Seems there was so much water coming down the hill it overwhelmed our French Drain (that is now a lot deeper than when we left!). It ended up pooled against the house. This hole appeared up against the foundation. The “courtyard” makeover just got pushed up in importance too.

(Guess you now know what my summer projects are going to be…).

The water also cut a canyon in the driveway.

It is around 10 inches deep!

And there is a lot of gravel in the yard, which needs to get back up in the driveway!

The wind knocked down some trees along the edge of our property.

And topped a maple in the front yard. (But that is OK, since we had that one slated to be removed soon).

But you know, in the light of what could have happened – I have nothing to complain about. My heart breaks for those south of us in AL, MS, GA, other areas of TN.

No… I’m feeling pretty blessed right now.

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