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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring Has Sprung!

Spring has definitely arrived in Tennessee (and so has the pollen). I’ve blocked off all this next week to get my spring cleaning done. Every day I will do a different room, plus a section in my office and a small area outside around the house. By next Sunday I will be finished with the whole house!
I’m actually excited about getting started. Because once I’m done I’ll have a lot more free time to work on projects and makeovers! You wouldn’t believe the amount of ideas I have lined up!

I started April with a trip to Missouri to see my family. We’ve figured out what sort of bird Little Bird is… she’s pure Road Runner! And Little Hoss is up on his knees and rocking it out. Won’t be long before he’s mobile too! While I was up it was time for Little Hoss’s 9 month old pics and of course Little Bird had some done too. That was fun to be a part of.

After spending about a week up there, Dad came home with me for a couple days to help with a couple projects. We used his truck to bring down some furniture I bought in March (Little Red just wasn’t big enough to carry down all that). He helped me to put together my new bed (photos coming soon) and my elliptical machine – as both required 2 people to do the work.

And my big news is that Himself will be home SOON! It is working out perfectly that he will come in right after I finish the spring cleaning.


  1. I've done a bit of spring cleaning, but it got TOO HOT here over the weekend to exert much energy. Besides, the oaks will be pollinating soon, releasing their yellow pollen over every flat surface-I'd just have to do everything again.

  2. Litle Bird is adorable, but that picture of Little Hoss...! Looks like he's trying his very best to do a mean James Cagney, but unfortunately, just coming off too-cute-for-words!

    Good luck with your spring cleaning - I'm starting mine, too, while I prepare for the prettiest baby shower this side of the Mississippi.

  3. Teri those pictures are darling! Spring cleaning here is about half done.

    OH!! You won Diesel Spice-name that herb contest! Thanks so much for playing. I wrote you and email to get your address.


  4. Hi Teri! Oh those pictures of your niece and nephew are so cute! They are really growing up so fast. Happy Spring Cleaning, I kind of like it too. ~Lili


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