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Friday, April 15, 2011

Dressing Up My Dresser

Spring cleaning is going well.  I’ve finished several rooms, including the master bedroom.  I haven’t been completely happy with the way I had my dresser top arranged and this was the perfect time to try something new.  I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out – tho knowing me; I know I’ll be tweaking it for several weeks!

One of our favorite places to be is on a rocky northern beach.  So when I started putting our ‘new’ bedroom together after we moved, I wanted to use the art, photos and artifacts we’ve picked up.  With Himself working on a ship in Alaska, he has opportunity to occasionally do a bit of beach walking. 

I love this photo of Himself.  No, it’s not a beach picture – far from it.  It was taken at the headwaters of the Mississippi River.  The little vase is a piece of Zsolnay porcelain from our trip to Budapest.  The colors remind me of water. 

After seeing a photo in, I gathered up my green glass and put them in a basket too. I really like the way it looks. The floats were brought back by Himself. The first bottle (not the one with my diffuser reeds) is sea glass – unbroken seaglass! There are all sorts of cool barnacles on it. I found it at the shop of a blog I follow:  

In the shadowbox above it are some shells and stones picked up on beaches, mostly again in Alaska. The huge fishing hook on the right side was one of the treasures Himself brought back for me. It looks handmade. The photos were taken when we were snorkeling in Aruba.

The photos are of my Dad and me, and the other is of Little Bird. I just found the silvered ‘birch’ vase at Phillips Furniture in St. Louis.

I think it came out pretty well!

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  1. That is what I do too whenever we get to go to the beach, gathering things and carrying it home. Prefer not to buy any of those things, finding and carrying it has its own meaning.

  2. See this is why I find this challenge interesting. I love he way people combine things to show their importance. Lovely. Thank you.

  3. Very nice.

    I like that all of the things have meaning to you.

  4. Looks great! I love all your "souvenirs" of life. Kit

  5. Surrounding yourself with cherished items is a way to find comfort in a simple form. No grandeur required or necessary.

    have a great weeeknd!


  6. Lovely. I love the intact sea glass, how unique! Ann


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