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Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Season's First Auction

Not too long ago I went to my first auction of 2011.  This was a small farm estate sale.  They ran it a bit differently from what I am used to.  There were two bidding areas… one selling the household goods (furniture, kitchen items, etc) and another selling things from the barn and sheds.  I did not like this way at all, as there were things I would have liked to bid on in both areas! 

(See that iron bench in the bottom left corner?  I wanted it!)

But since I didn’t have a choice, I decided to stay over in the ‘barn and shed’ area.  It was much more interesting.  Even if I wasn’t going to bid, things were just fun to look at. 

This anvil was causing quite a stir.  I called a friend who collects anvils (yep… anvils – I’ll have to write about that some day!) and got the basic info on this bad boy.  It was an M & H Armitage Mouse Hole from England, probably about 100 yrs old and weighed 120 pounds. 

Wonderful metal milk crates… and I couldn’t think of a thing I would do with them.

This rocking bench went for $12.  The ‘puppy playpen’ leaning on it came home with me for $7.  Miss Sasha now has a safe place to hang out in my yard and bark at squirrels.

Loved these old wrenches!!!

The old gentleman must have had 20 tool boxes crammed with all sorts of “stuff”… some good, some pretty nasty.

This logging chain was fabulous.

I came home with a few treasures. Some really heavy duty buckets (used for feeding horses) at $1 each. An old heavy duty C clamp for $1. The puppy playpen. And several misc items that will be part of a future blog!

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  1. Oh, I'd have to get that rocking bench, if it was in good conditon! And those milk 'bout hanging planters? :)


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