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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring In My Garden

Several years of digging in the rocky dirt (or maybe it is the dirty rocks!) is starting to pay off.  This year was the best yet for spring flowers!

First to come up were my daffodils. 

I have several types planted so far and I’m going to keep adding new ones each fall.

Next to bloom was my patio peach.  I bought it last year after it had flowered.  I had no idea it was going to be such a beautiful double pink!

Himself’s wisteria decided to bloom this year.  It hasn’t done a thing since we planted it as we moved in.  Guess it decided it likes it here.  Next project – build something for it to climb on!

Last year Little Bird and I went to a nursery where I purchased 4 different types of lilac bushes. Two have bloomed this year (so far).

This one is an ‘ever blooming’ type.

And I forget what this one is, but I love those flowers! So do the butterflies and bees.

Now I need to concentrate on planting some summer blooming perennials!


  1. Your flowers are just gorgeous! I love when my things start blooming so I can bring them insdie and put them in little vases here and there.

  2. Beautiful shots! I'll bet those lilacs smell lovely!

  3. You have so many beautiful flowers in your garden. It is hard work to keep a garden looking so fabulous!

  4. Such pretty flowers! I really like the pink ones!

  5. What beautiful flowers in your garden!!

    Happy Easter♥

  6. Such pretty flower photos! I don't know if we have lilac around here. They are beautiful.

  7. I love finding those little spring flowers finally blooming! Lovely garden!


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