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Monday, December 5, 2011

Encyclopedia of Moi: W

Warlander – The horse of my dreams!  They are a cross between two of my favorite breeds – the Andulusian and the Friesian.  Everything about them is stunning.  

Water (sparkling) – My drink of choice.  I usually have some club soda in the house for a treat.  My favorite… Ambo from Ethiopia. 

Wolf Hybrid – This is Sabre, our registered wolf hybrid.  He was third generation and one of the best ‘dog’ we ever had.  Very interesting animal.  Strong willed, loyal, STUBBORN, and smart.  You could never allow yourself to forget he was NOT a dog.   

Washington State – Probably my favorite state.  Mountains, ocean, forests, great climate, interesting cities.  I could definitely live there.

Watermelon – YUM!  There isn’t much better than a dead ripe, sun warmed watermelon straight out of the field.  That’s getting harder and harder to find.  I remember when I was a child there were so many watermelon roadside stands where the farmer would “plug” (cut a core) from the watermelon you picked to show you it was ripe and good.  That sure doesn’t happen anymore.  

Wales – Scotland isn’t my only heritage on Great Britain.  I have Welsh on my Mom’s side.  Someday I would like to travel there too. 

Wright, Frank Lloyd – I find most of his architecture lovely.  Whenever we travel I try to see if there are any buildings he designed in the area.  The house pictured is his home Taliesin in Wisconsin.  

Whales – I think they are incredible creatures.  I’d really like to go on one of those trips that you get to take a zodiac right out to where they are, and then snorkel with them. 

Whooping crane – I have this bad thing about “extinct”.  So when I can, I try to help.  Whooping cranes are one place I have been able to help.  I give to a foundation that raises young whoopers and prepares them to live free.  I’ve also be blessed to photograph a pair of wild whooping cranes and to hear them calling.  Someday I want to take Little Bird and Little Hoss to Necedah so they can see and hear them too.  

Wanderer - You’d probably think with all my planning and maps there wouldn’t be a bit of wandering on a trip with me.  But that’s not so.  My plan gets us to a general area… and from there – let the wandering begin! 


  1. Do you have any information on the horse? I absolutely adore that pic and would love to know the name. :)

    1. No I don't. Do a Google search for "warlander' and he should come up. He is beautiful, isn't he?


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