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Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Oldest Course

Here is the reason we went through the town of St. Andrews…to walk The Old Course.   And of course we had to have a photo on the Swilcan Bridge (this is where Jack Nicklaus gave his retirement from golf farewell speech in ’05).  There have been a lot of famous golf players cross this little bridge.

This is the oldest golf course in the world, in the country that gave us golf.  There have been games played here for 600 years! 

Himself at the 18 th hole in front of the R&A (Royal and Ancient) Golf Club Clubhouse. 

Loved this sign!

St. Andrews Old Course is a public golf course but it isn’t just as easy as walking up to get to play there.  First, you must have a suitable handicap (24 for men and 36 for women).  Then you can make a reservation… a year in advance.  Or you might try the daily lottery to get a play time. 

The course is closed on Sunday.  At this time, the public is allowed to walk ON the course.  

And that is what we did! 

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