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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Shepherd David

As we drove along the main road somewhere past Crathie Kirk and Balmoral Castle, I saw a shepherd with his two dogs moving sheep along a hillside.  I mentioned it to the guys so they could see.  The next thing I knew Dave was pulling onto a side road so we could watch!  

What fun!!  

I love this sequence of photos as the shepherd and the dogs gather the sheep and move them down the hill. 

All this took about 5 or so minutes. 

Once in the pen, the shepherd came over to visit with us.  Dave said you could tell he wanted to visit as he pulled off his cap before he walked over to us.  You can see him do so in the below video.

She is the brains of the two dogs and got most of the work done.  The dark dog is young and scattered the sheep more than anything else.  But as Shepherd David said, “He won’t learn anything sitting in the house…”

I don’t think this bunch will ever learn anything!

After a bit of visiting, we waited while he moved the yearlings across the road (the van made a nice barrier so none of them were tempted to shoot off down the lane).  

Little stops and visits like this are what made our trip so special.  Dave has one of those outgoing and easy personalities that sets people at ease… and makes for wonderful visits for those touring with him.


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  1. I always love watching sheep dogs work! Thanks for sharing :0)


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