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Friday, December 2, 2011

Journaling Scotland

I’ve always had a problem keeping track of and organizing all the little tid-bits I gather as I travel.  And there are always things that happen that I swear I will remember… and don’t.  So for this trip I came loaded for bear!

I brought a small binder notebook and in a case; a hole punch, mini scissors, mini stapler, glue stick and double sided tape.

With this set-up, I was able to start documenting the trip from the very beginning.   I made sure my “interrupted travel” boarding pass got in there!

Each night I wrote bits of what I wanted to remember from the day (I kept a notepad in my purse).  Since I am no artist… my sketches are simple! 

I used the hole punch on brochures and post cards to add them into the journal.

Here I attached tickets to the back of a post card of the attraction.  I like to buy post cards that give me a photo I could not get myself.

Whatever I wanted to keep went it!

Some keepsakes were too big to put in easily.  This map is about 2.5’ square!  I folded it and slid it into a page protector. 

A page protector was perfect for these pieces of wool from the Harris Tweed weaver’s shop.

Occasionally I had to improvise and make a holder for something. 

I even pulled pages out of tourist magazines and added them in.  This one is an article about the Gaelic language.

All of the bulletins from the church service we attended were added…

… as where the parish magazines we were given.

Menus are fun to keep.

And so are unused carry-out (take away) boxes.

Especially a McDonald’s Happy Meal box!  LOL  If you bear down on the hole punch while rotating the thick paper, the punch will go thru.  Just take it slow.  

Having all my mementos and keepsakes in the journal has made it much easier now that I’m home working on my blog and photo album.  I will definitely do this from now on!


  1. Teri, what a clever, creative way to keep track of your holiday. I don't think I could ever be that organized but I think you have a great idea here.

  2. You make me wish my mother was still alive to travel -- she would love to use these ideas! Perhaps someday I will get an opportunity to use them myself. It is certainly much better than the drawers and Rubbermaid tubs that currently hold my stacks of memorabilia!
    Congratulations on your POTW and extra thanks to Hilary for pointing me in your direction. :)

  3. I thought I was a collector of 'stuff', but I do believe a Mac Box takes the biscuit! LOL. Great memento of a holiday, you've created. ♥

  4. came over from hilary's to say congrats on your POTW! what a clever way to keep and organized trip journal!

  5. This is a GREAT idea...and a fun way to remember a trip!

  6. Congrats on your POTW!
    A great way to keep memories.

  7. Brilliant! Now this is the kind of travel journal I could keep! I'll have to see what I have left from our honeymoon (yeah... 7 years ago) to put together something like this.

    Oh but then there are the photos . . . if I can find them, I'm going to get sidetracked by those. Sigh.

    (Really, I clicked through b/c DH was a missionary in Scotland for two years, but I love your idea!)


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