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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ethiopian: It’s What’s For Supper

Before Himself left for Alaska, we treated ourselves to dinner at our favorite Ethiopian restaurant in Nashville.  Gojo is delicious. 

We started with an appetizer of “Yemiser Sambussa - Pastry shell filled with lentils, onion, jalapeno, herbs, and spices, then pan fried and served hot.”  Hot is an understatement!  They come out sizzling!

We also ordered some of the spiced hot tea.

For our meals, Himself ordered our usual “Beef Tibs - Cubed prime beef sautéed and simmered in mild sauce and seasoned with spices and fresh herbs.”  My favorite part of it is the injera that has soaked up the sauce.

Because of that, I tried something different this time.  Awaze Tibs Firfir - Pieces of enjera sautéed in Awaze Tibs (Cubed prime beef sautéed and simmered in hot sauce and seasoned with spices and fresh herbs)”.  It was pretty good, tho I prefer the beef tibs.  It would be perfect if I could get Beef Tibs FirFir.

When I was in Ethiopia in 2003, my friend Beylanesh explained that FirFir (also known as FitFit) is basically a meal made of leftover injera. 

It’s always interesting how cultures use their leftover food.  FirFir in Ethiopia… fried rice in the Asian countries, bread pudding or stuffing in European countries… 

And it’s ALWAYS delicious!!!

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