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Friday, June 22, 2012

A Wee Kitchen Garden

Finally!  I have an herb garden again.  I have missed it so much.

This spring my lawn man put together a planting bed for me make into a culinary herb garden.  He moved good dirt from an area we made into a watershed.

And he brought in untreated oak timbers from a local saw mill. 

Himself tilled it for me and got rid of the weeds that had bolted up in the good soil.

And now I have a garden!

Just a portion of it – sage, garlic, Italian parsley, thyme, & rosemary.  I also put in basil, dill, and French tarragon.  There was cilantro but it bolted about 30 seconds after I put it in the ground.  L 

The areas are divided up into 2 foot planting areas, alternating perennial and annual herbs.  This will give me a ‘bare spot’ each spring so I can get to the asparagus without stepping on any herbs. 

Because of the large size of the planting bed, I decided to do a bit more than just herbs.  Along the back I put in Jersey Giant asparagus. 

The stalks are so tiny this year! 

And at the very end I have 2 tomato plants and two green pepper plants.

I’m so excited to watch them grow!

I needed a path to the water spigot.  Since the bed is raised, Himself dug down for me so it was easy to use the water hose.  I love the way he put in pavers and stones to keep it dry for me.  Now it’s my turn to get that power washer out! 

And on either side of the hose path I will put pot herbs in.  The pots will protect the rest of the herbs from the hose dragging thru them.  In the pots are a bay tree, ginger, and 2 types of mint – peppermint and orange mint.  (They are under a shade tree right now since I’m going to be going on a trip soon.) 

The bay and ginger are not hardy so they have to winter over in the garage.  The mint is potted to keep it from taking over! 

It is going to be so nice to have my fresh herbs for cooking again!

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  1. Love that beautiful garden!!! That's alot of work, but so rewarding. Enjoy!


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