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Monday, June 11, 2012

Souvenir of Scotland: An Antique Book

I love old books.  There’s something that is just so nice about the way they feel in your hand.  While we were in the Galloway area of Scotland, we spent the afternoon in Wigtown – Scotland’s National Book Town. 
Oh we did some serious shopping!
First on my agenda was to find some fantastic children’s book about and from Scotland.  Several people we asked all recommended “The Box of Frogs”.  With a name like that, how could we pass it up!?
And we weren’t disappointed.  I loaded up on books for Little Bird and Little Hoss (enough for several years of giving special books). 
Himself had already moved back to the room with the used books and I joined him after leaving my selections as the desk.

That’s when I saw this book spine among the stacks.

When I pulled it out the cover was as delightful as the spine.  And it had “the feel” in my hands.

The title page caught my eye…

… yes – 1897!!!  A one hundred and fourteen year old book!

And it had this book plate.  I wonder who Peter was and what became of him.

Besides the chapter index, there is even an index of the illustrations.

Chapter One…

Each chapter began with a lovely illuminated letter.  They are just incredible.

It’s it a lovely book?

The engraved pictures are fantastic. There are quite a few of them too.

I love the way this one is irregularly shaped.

And all this loveliness was only 6 pounds (about $10). 



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