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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Emergency Preparedness: Selecting the Place

As I mentioned yesterday, we are working on becoming prepared for emergencies.  I am NOT talking “the BIG ONE” survivor type stuff.  I’m preparing for realistic emergencies such as an ice storm that takes out power lines (been there, done that – 9 days without electricity!) or needing to take shelter from a storm or one of those barges on the river springs a leak and we have to bug-out.
The safest place in our home to ride out a storm is under the stairs.  This will be our ‘safe place’ and storage area for storm supplies.
First order of business… empty it out!  Then we got it cleaned up.  There were a zillion nails to pull and it needed a good scrubbing.
And that is as far as we got!  Now we can take measurements to build a reinforced area with storage space. 
More to come after a trip to Lowes!

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