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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Ugly Duckling to a Swan: Our Bathroom Remodle

On May 8th we started our remodel of the hall bathroom… and we ‘finished’ it in September.  Between September and now I’ve been so busy with other projects that I never got around to showing the finished room!
Here’s what it looked like shortly after we moved in.  We immediately had the new commode put in because the other was extremely short/low. 
Most of the work was done by a friend who is a contractor, which was grand!  (Yes, Dan is VERY tall!)
One day and he had it looking like this. 
Everything…and I mean everything (well… except the commode) was replaced.  It took Dan days to haul all of it out of there and ready the areas for the new stuff.  The old fiberglass tub was replaced with a larger, tho lower sided, enameled cast iron tub.  I wanted this because I haven’t seen a fiberglass tub that didn’t eventually start cracking around the drain. 
We had a lot of tile work done and the weather wasn’t cooperative.  So they set up a cutting station on our front porch.
And they tiled… and tiled… and tiled.  Here they are tiling one of my favorite things in the new bathroom… a 19” deep bench along the entire back of the tub.  If you noticed in the first photo, there was a crazy amount of wasted space between the tub and commode, so we made use of it.  And there is still enough room to put the waste can in between the tub and commode.
We also tiled all the way up the wall behind the vanity.  The tile is from Home Depot, as is the light fixture. 
The sink came from  Great stuff there and it was shipped quickly!  That is a story in itself…  I knew I wanted an accent piece vessel sink and went to a fairly high-end kitchen and bath store in Nashville to find one.  Found a beautiful cut crystal sink in their vessel sink display.  Bought it and brought it home… and read in the instructions that it was an UNDERMOUNT sink.  Called the store back and they assured me that it was fine to install as a vessel and even sent me instruction on how to do it.  So I called the manufacturer of the sink.  They about had a heart attack when I told them how it was sold to me.  I was told in no uncertain terms NOT to install it like that as it would break. 
Terrific.  It was time to install the sink and I now had no sink.  Sis told me to check out Overstock and I found exactly what I wanted.  It was on our doorstep about 3 days later.  We love it.  The waterfall faucet always gets a comment – from “how cool!” to “that’s just weird”.  LOL 
(Oh… the store I bought the first sink from gave me a full refund...but no apology.)
The hardest thing to find for the room was that mirror!  I must have brought home and returned 10 mirrors before I found this one.  Most I found were really cheaply constructed even tho they cost a pretty penny.  This Lowes mirror has a solid wood frame and a beveled mirror. 
Once Dan finished his part (which was most of it!), I still had to deal with getting the wallpaper down.  I don’t know what the previous owners glued it up with but it was a nightmare to get down!  In some places where the edges had lifted over the years, they used Elmer’s glue to stick them back down.  Uff-da! 
Himself volunteered to do a lot of the work since I was sick of it. 
We discovered a lot of holes had been sloppily patched – or not patched at all – under the paper.  So I had to do a lot of filling.  Then I had to sand down the patches AND the rough glue areas.  It got a wee bit dusty in during the process…
Then came painting and hanging the shelves.
And here is the finished bathroom!
The shower curtains are regular window curtains I found at Home Goods.  The double shower bar came from Bed, Bath and Beyond.
The vanity is actually a small buffet I found at a furniture store in St Louis.  “Weekends Only” is my ‘go to’ store for furniture at great prices.  Dan did the changes it needed to become a vanity.  The baskets where found – after a long search – at Home Goods.  The wood medallion accent piece is what I liked about these.
I am so happy with how it turned out.

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  1. Teri, that's lovely. I love how you repurposed your vanity base. Good job!


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