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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The “Sealed Pot Challenge”

Every year at Christmas time we find ourselves wishing we had more slush funds available to give away. 
Every year… and we never seem to do anything about it.  Kind of Scroogey, isn’t it?
Then I read a blog post where the writer was talking about opening her ‘sealed pot’ that she had started last year as part of a challenge on another blog.  Curious, I visited the blog (it’s from England) and thought it was the perfect solution to my Scrooge affliction. 
Here’s what the blogger has to say about her annual challenge:
Well, little bits and bobs of money are squirrelled away in an assortment of SEALED POTS and the result is....A NICE CHUNK OF MONEY JUST IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS, OR TO PUT TOWARDS HOLIDAYS... OR A TREAT, OR LOTS OF FUN when we open them in DEC 2013!
Following the CHALLENGE couldn't be easier as you simply get a pot (mine is an old gravy tub but others have posher types), make a hole for cash (if not provided), make sure it's sealed so you can't open it, chuck your spare cash in it and then... WE WILL OPEN THEM TOGETHER! It's not a competition, we just will support each other here to keep going with ANOTHER CRAZY SCHEME TO SAVE MONEY!"
 One of the fun things about the challenge is looking for ‘found’ money.  Coins dug out of the couch or found on the ground.  Unexpected refunds or discounts.  Saving instead of spending. 
So I’ve been digging around looking for just the right container to make into my ‘sealed pot’.  Too little (hopefully!), too big, too ugly, too, too, too.  SIGH!
Then I found this jar as I was working on my studio!  Perfect!
I had a bunch of change I’d saved… some even rolled… that I dropped in.
Looking good!  My little sealed pot is starting out with $153.80!
And now I will start finding and saving in earnest.  My one rule is I’m not going to add pennies to the jar.  They take up too much space.  Those I will save in a separate bowl to be rolled and cashed in for some ‘Susan B’s’ that will be added to the jar.
It’s going to be fun seeing how much is in the jar the first week of December.


  1. This is an awesome idea! I also recently heard someone on the radio say they did this with counting their blessings. A blessing jar, then they open it at the end of the year and read them all.

    Great to meet you and thanks for stopping by Created to Create.

  2. Hi Teri,

    Forgot to change Dec 2012 to Dec 2013 for opening time! Could you change it on your post please!

    I LOVE YOUR POT! Just had a quick look, but coming back later for a proper viewing.

    Sft x

  3. Hi Teri,
    We've been doing that for about two years, now. We had a different idea in mind. We want to take a vacation back to Ohio/PA and so we have been saving change for over two years. The glass jar finally got full and we took it to the bank and there was $270 (no pennies). So, we banked it and have started over once again.

    Another thing we started this January is banking a dollar for every week. 1st week $1, 2nd week $2 and we'll continue that till Christmas week...and we'll have our Christmas money :-)

    Love your jar!!!!


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