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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ready...Set...Go! It's 2013!!!

Happy New Year!!

No resolutions for me this year… I’m halfway into my Fabulous 50th Year so my goals date back 6 months! 
This New Year Himself is home with me instead of out on the Bering Sea.  It’s time for him to be home for a while.  Tomorrow his ship will be sailing without him and we will toast the Indy as she leaves… from our cozy living room in TN!
We’ve already started our January projects.  Himself is working on the old family photos… lots of sorting and scanning will be happening.  His using part of my downstairs ‘studio’ space to do this. 
And while he is working, I will be working on the workshop area of my studio!  Yes, it’s finally happening. 

 In December we pulled out a section of carpet and painted the concrete floor (ignore the sloppy on the baseboards - they, along with the walls, will soon be painted too).  Eventually I’ll put vinyl tiles down but for now it will stay concrete since I’m going to be doing a LOT of painting (walls, shelves, furniture, and accessories).  No drop clothes needed since I’ll be covering it up when I’m done!
Another project I’ll be working on down there is to set up a storm shelter/emergency preparedness area under the stairs.  I’m doing this as part of a series over at “A Bowl Full of Lemons”  .  I’m out of sync with the series as it started right before Christmas and I just couldn’t start then.  So I’ll work it at my own pace and it will all work out in the end!
Also landing at a wrong time for me was the “Art Every Day” challenge at “Creative Every Day” .  That came up in November… I was doing well the first 2 weeks.  But by mid-month too much other stuff needed my attention (prepping my Operation Christmas Child boxes, Thanksgiving, getting ready for Christmas)… I was sunk!  January is so much better for creating.  I’ll be posting my projects on the “My Artful Friday” posts. 
So that is what my first month of 2013 looks like.  What plans do you have for this January? 

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