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Monday, April 8, 2013

An Early Spring Walk to the Lake and a Discontented Moo

I think spring is finally here in Tennessee.  After a few cold days, the temperatures are up in the 70s (!!!!) and the flowers are blooming happily.  Himself and I took a walk down to the lake to see what was going on there.
The wild prairie trillium is blooming everywhere.
It’s also known as ‘wake robin’. 
The Spring Beauties were in abundance too. 
And the purple Dead Nettle were as thick as ever.  I don’t think this one ever goes dormant around here.  It likes places with disturbed soil and you’ll see it thick in farm field in the spring.  It looks like a purple carpet.  It’s call ‘dead’ nettle because it looks similar to a stinging nettle but it doesn’t sting… hence ‘dead’ of stings.  It is actually in the mint family and can be eaten (tho it doesn’t really taste like all that much).  It is full of antioxidants tho… 
The May Apples are just coming up.
The stone I sat on next to the lake was really rough and when I took a closer look, it became apparent why…
It was full of fossil crinoid stem segments.  I think they are from the Silurian period.  (The ‘what’ from Dr. Bhatia’s geology class stuck pretty well but the ‘when’ has disappeared just like the dinosaurs!)
It’s been a busy winter for several of the local critters.
The beaver have really re-landscaped the shore line.    
And what about this palooza of black walnut shells?  That tree behind them is about 2’ wide!
Himself wanted to hike a bit.  Since I was feeling a bit under the weather I walked about 100 feet to the left side of the lake; a side we don’t go on because it is pretty brushy.  That little distance is all that is open and easy to walk.
The view sure is different from this side! 
I amused myself by snapping some photos while I waited.
Not a good cast…
While Himself was gone, I could hear one of the cows bellowing up over the hill.   She went on and on, so much so that I became concerned.  When Himself got back he offered to go check to see if she was stuck or something.
As he went back up the hill, the bellowing became louder and louder.  At least we knew she wasn’t stuck!
It wasn’t long before we saw her.  She actually seemed to be stomping as she came down the hill…bellowing as she came.
Doesn’t she look cranky?
She gave me a sour look and let her opinion of the world be known.
Then stomped on down the trail to the big open pasture on the other side of the lake.
Just in case, Himself went on up to have a look around to see if he could figure out the reason for her discontent.  Everyone else was calmly munching away on the new grass, not the least bit concerned about ol’ Fussy.
After he finished checking, he came on back to where I was waiting.  We then headed back home ourselves… still hearing Fussy carrying on up on the hill!


  1. Great pictures Teri. Enjoyed them.

  2. Everybody hoping spring , but here in Belgium, too cool for a spring,lovely fotos


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