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Friday, April 12, 2013

Fab 50: Counting Down the Final 100 Days

And the count is 91 as of today.
In this last one hundred days, I’m finally ready to get serious about getting back in shape.  I’ve fooled around long enough.  I’ve been loving my cooking, decluttering, and creating a bit too much… and my elliptical and portion control not enough. 
So you can guess what my current endeavor is…I’m building up time on that elliptical, doing crunches and push-ups, and stretches and tai chi.    I’m watching my portion sizes, eliminating certain foods from my diet and bring other foods in.  I’m taking vitamins and supplements.  And I’m drinking 10 glasses of water a day (slosh, slosh!). 
Am I loving it?  No.  Will I love the results?  Yes.
And that’s good enough.
Another issue I’m taking control of is the amount of time I spend on the computer.  Too many games, too much mindless Pinterest, too much surfing.  Now I allow myself about 45 minutes in the morning as I wake up, a quick email check at lunch, and… if I’ve gotten everything done I need to during the day… an hour in the evening.  But if I didn’t get everything done, I only check email.  Wednesday is my “day off” both house work and exercise.  That is when I write most of my blogs, do that playing on Pinterest, and so on. 
It’s amazing how much more time I have and how much I get done.  I’m actually reading again!  And keeping up with my magazines.  And writing letters… real ones that go thru the mail.
Good stuff.  I like what’s happening.

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  1. There's never enough time to do everything. When you choose to do one thing, you're choosing NOT to do something else. It sounds, though, like you're doing a good job of getting to everything that's important to you.


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