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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Does Truth Change?

A few weeks ago we attended a special screening of a new Christian documentary movie called “Balance of Justice”, entirely created by Ben Owen.
Why was it special to us? 
Well, do you see that young man standing the second from the right?  He’s the one who made the movie.  (That’s his dad in the red shirt.)  The picture was taken in Sept ’06 on a mission trip I led to Lynch, KY. 
Himself was along on that trip.  He and Ben became friends.  Himself was quite impressed with Ben.  He already had many plans for his future.
(Perhaps perfecting his marshmallow roasting technique should have been one of them?) 
Now fast forward almost 6.5 years later…
That’s Ben speaking after the screening of his movie. 

I was very impressed with what I saw.  The movie is informative and thought-provoking.  Quite impressively Ben was invited to screen his movie at the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival (SAICFF).  That is a major accomplishment for any film maker!
Here’s the promo for “Balance of Justice”:
“The film tackles sobering questions in the backdrop of today’s society. Is justice a concept relative to culture, which had one meaning when the Constitution was written, but another today.
What defines justice in America today?  The new documentary titled “Balance of Justice: Searching for Truth in a Relative Nation” offers a fresh look at the current state of our nation – from the perspective of justice.
Gain insight into current issues through interviews with:
Ben DuPré – Attorney with the
Foundation for Moral Law
Col. John Eidsmoe – Author of “Christianity and the Constitution”
David Fowler – President of Family Action Council of Tennessee
Bodie Hodge, M.Sc. – Writer, Speaker & Researcher for the Creation Museum
Dr. John Laida – Pastor
Featuring exciting music composed by Darren Dixon, “Balance of Justice” is the first project from Border Watch Films; a recently established independent Christian production company.  The film was produced by Benjamin Owen, with narration by Mike Brooks and the acting talent of Nathan Keeler.
“Balance of Justice” seeks to address trends developing in America that threaten to destroy our liberty and distort justice. Concepts like: A “living constitution” approach to rights and laws.  Promotion of an undefined “social justice.”  The use of “hate crime” legislation.  Belief that truth is relative.
Having law and order in society depends on an absolute standard.  The question is; whose standard will that be?  This is a critical time for our nation and we need to know about these topics from a Biblical perspective.
Is there anything we can do to protect our liberty and ensure justice is done?   Sure, we can vote, but as Christians (and even as patriots) does our duty end at voting?  Not only can we do more, we should do more.  Because more than just freedom hangs in the balance.”

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