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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Go Get His Mommy!!

I watched something this last weekend that absolutely amazed me. 
Himself and I were treated to an afternoon having the babies all to ourselves.  Good times to be had!
Our lunch stop was at Chic-Fil-A both for the food and for the indoor play area.  Himself retreated to the car to listen to talk radio rather than the shrieks of about 10 playing kiddos.  Too bad because he missed it…
After a bit the lunch rush thinned and there were 5 kids in the play area; Little Bird (3.5 yrs old) and Little Hoss (2.5 yrs old), a boy who was about 4, and two brothers… little Colton who was about 18 months and Big Brother who was about 7 and charged with watching his baby brother.  The 4 yr old’s mother and I were sitting inside the play area on a bench and the mom of the brothers was just outside the glass door at their table (she could see into the play area). 
Wee Colton had climbed up the play areas stairway and at the top he came down with a bad case of “height fright”. 
At the sound of his whimpers, he was immediately surrounded by Little Bird, the 4 yr old (in the orange shirt), and Big Bro (right behind Colton).  Little Bird and Big Bro immediately started discussing the problem and trying to get Colton back down the stairs, while the 4 year old lent moral support.  It was so interesting watching them (and Colton wasn’t in any real distress) that the other mother and I sat and watched to see what they would do.
The three tried to coax him down but he wasn’t going ANYWHERE. 
The whimpers started to get louder. 
As Little Bird wrapped her arms around him (which actually calmed him), she asked “Where’s his Mommy?!  He needs his Mommy!!”
Big Bro told her that he was his brother.
She told him “Go get his Mommy!”
Big Bro said that their Mom told him not to leave him, so he had to stay there with him. 
Little Bird just repeated – “Go get his Mommy!”
You could see that Big Bro was torn.  He finally told Little Bird to stay with Colton while he went for Mommy.  Little Bird said she would.  (The kids seemed totally oblivious to the fact there were two adults sitting five feet away).  Big Bro took a couple steps then turned and once again told Bird to stay with his brother and again she said she would.
Then as Big Bro went farther down the steps, he again stopped when his face was level with the step little Colton was parked at, and told Bird yet AGAIN not to leave his brother.
She’d had it with him!  She whipped around to face him and said, “I Said I STAY!!!  Thpfffffftttt!!” as she raspberried him in her frustration.  Big Bro didn’t say another word as he retreated down the stairs to get ol’ Mom (but boy were his eyes big!). 
Folks, I about choked trying not to laugh out loud! 
Little Bird sat there with her arms around Colton until his Mommy showed up.  I quickly explained what was going on.  Ended up she had to go in after him, as he still wouldn’t come down with his brother even with Mommy in the room. 
It was absolutely fascinating watching those children come together and work out how to solve the problem.  And it amazed me how sure of herself Little Bird was. 

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  1. oh how sweet!!!! life is amazing and so nice to spot the little miracles all around us!!! so sweet to link up !!!!


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