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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Pinterest Inspired: Blue Stuffed Eggs

Last month I saw a Pinterest pin of pastel stuffed eggs.  They were so pretty that I decided to try them for our Easter meal.
I started out as though I were making normal stuffed eggs.  I did wash off the egg white halves so there was no yolk clinging to them. 
Then I put some water in a large coffee cup and added blue food coloring until it reached the color I wanted – a nice dark blue because I wasn’t sure how it would take on the egg whites.
Ten halves fit in the cup.  I let them soak for about 5 minutes as I did other things.  I took them all out at once, then gently dried them with a paper towel wrapped around my finger.
From there I stuffed them as normal.
Blue stuffed eggs! 
Wouldn’t it be fun to do red, white, and blue ones for the Fourth of July?


  1. Wow! How did the blue eggs go over?

  2. Everyone loved them. We're going to do them green sometime for a little Dr Suess fun.

  3. Fantastic recipes! U make it so beautiful! The blue eggs look so appetizing! Thanks for sharing. I had featured u in the article of Top 7 Inspiring Dishes with Eggs on AllFreshRecipes. Looking forward ur newly EATS!


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