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Friday, May 24, 2013

A Time To Praise

A few weeks ago our church had a fund raiser for the Relay for Life program.  It was a music show/concert type thing, with three acts.  There were also hot dogs and chips for a donation, and a bake sale too. 
First was our church’s praise band “All For One”…

Second was a church member…
And third was a local gospel group (I can’t remember their name). 
All was going well until the gospel group got started.  Halfway thru their first song our pastor walked up front and announced that we were under tornado warning, with a supercell approaching.  We headed off to the back part of the basement to take shelter.
Understandably everyone was very nervous (and this was before the OK tragedy).  Then a wonderful thing happened.  The young people in the gospel group started singing praise songs acapella. 
Our storm passed in ten minutes and we went back out to finish the evening. 

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  1. What a GREAT story! Reminds me of that verse about letting the little children come to Jesus.


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